Thursday, 16 February 2017

Review - The Truth About Love (The Truth About Love Vol:I) by Anna Bloom

The Truth About Love 
(The Truth About Love Vol:I)

Eve Harris has always had a point to prove: where you come from doesn't matter, it's what you aim for that counts. She has it all planned; find the perfect teaching job, live with her best friend, Cherry, and never get dragged back into the destructive world of her youth.

The last thing she expects is to bump into millionaire heir Cameron Wallis on her last day on campus. Nor is she expecting to discover that when she gives him a chance to win her over he's nothing like the playboy the newspapers paint him to be.

Will Eve be able to let go of her judgements and embrace a spontaneous affair with Cam that isn't part of her plan? Or will the constraints from both their families prevent Cam and Eve from discovering The Truth About Love?

The Truth About Love Vol.I is the first novella in a serial About finding love even when you're least expecting it.
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This is part one of three and this is a novella length book that can be read in a couple of hours, and I would advise putting that time aside as the book flows so well you won't want to put it down!

I found very refreshing and dialogue so real, and the way things unfold between these two is sweet and a touch amusing too - it has a sexy side too but we only get a taste of that but the attraction between Cameron and Eve is most definitely felt through the pages - those kisses, made me want to kiss him!

The book ends on a cliffy but you know there is more to come. Book two apparently will concentrate on Cherry's story so will be book 3 when we get conclusions.

A very enjoyable novella, easy to read, likable characthers and will leave you wanting more now!

4.5 stars

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