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Untamed Winter by Cassandra Lawson #5star #pnr #review #bk1free


The danger to vampires and shapeshifters continue to grow as a powerful enemy sets their sights on seizing control of the born vampire territory. Aided by strangers from a distant land, they are ready to strike. First, they must help their new allies capture a woman by the name of Winter who can control the elements of nature.

Distant and cold, Winter lives a solitary life, only vaguely resembling the passionate girl of her youth. In the blink of an eye, Winter’s world changes. With no memory of who she is, she is able to discover who she was always meant to be. In the arms of a cougar shapeshifter, who calls her Winn and claims to be her mate, she rediscovers the passion she worked hard to bury. Unfortunately, Winter is also unable to recognize the danger stalking her. Will this new untamed Winter be the destruction or salvation of the leader of the cougar shifters?

Cord let his one true mate walk away over a century ago, a mistake he has regretted since that day. When fate puts Winn in his path again, Cord can’t believe his luck. Even better, she doesn’t remember why they cannot be together. Now that his mate is with him again, Cord will do everything in his power to bind her to him and prove they belong together. He will also go to any lengths to protect her from the enemy determined to use her in their bid for power. Can he protect Winn from her enemies without risking the lives of his clan?


I love this PNR series and this episode will keep you hooked and desperate for more.

Winn and Cord met along time ago, Cord knew she was his mate but did not claim her at the time, this time when she appears he has no intention of letting her go!

Winn is only half shifter, her other side is Mage and she is powerful. Cord is the alpha of the cougar clan, he does a good job keeping things in order, he's a softy underneath his fur and his daughters have him wrapped around their fingers.

Someone is after Winn and everyone wants to step up and protect her, Cord wins the job which gives him and his mate a chance to connect in all ways possible. The two have a lot of catching up to do and take advantage of every opportunity to be intimate. They have a relationship to build and he has to learn his woman is challenging - as every woman should be.

This is in a way a two story book as Vexx is a very strong characther in this book and its fair to say I loved her - her looks are deceiving and she has some powers which she puts to what she thinks is a good cause. We have got to know Jace in previous books and in this book he has a love interest.

I like getting deep into the moon virus series world, it's full of shifters, nymphs, and vampires of all type. This book has a lot going on, but the story unfolds in a controlled way and is all interlinked. This story is mainly based around shifters but don't worry the vamps are involved too, it has a great mix of romance, angst and danger.

I got excited when I read the author notes as she has a few more books planned already - yippee, can't wait.

5 stars


If you haven't started this series yet, here's your chance 
 Book 1 is FREE!

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Sanguine Shadows Book Tour

Like snarky vampires? Give this girl a try…

Now available from award-winning and international best-selling author Erzabet Bishop! Something stalks the streets of Salem and there’s wild magic in the air…
#vampireromance #paranormalhotties #PNR #Curseworkerseries #NNP #ErzabetBishop #eroticromance #vampire #fae #series

Sanguine Shadows by Erzabet Bishop. Start your journey into the Curse Worker universe!
99 cents for a limited time and #FREE in KU!

Ball gowns and bite marks…

Mari Di Bartolo was a witch coming back to her roots in Salem. Juggling work and school, she is a woman on a mission until she is attacked one night after work and left for dead. When Mari is about to step through the veil, she is given a choice-become a vampire or fade away. She chooses life. Nevertheless, it’s not her new Sire that holds Mari’s attention, but the strange and enigmatic Fae with the golden green eyes. Full of mischief and mayhem, the night of the Vampire Ball is upon her and all that glitters may just be her teeth in the moonlight.

Darkness lurks in the shadows…

Fenris is the Captain of the Guard for the Queen of the Dark Court. For centuries he’s secured the barrier between the human world and Faery, part of a Protectorate that keeps humans blissfully ignorant of the beings hidden in their midst. But when another rogue wolf attack brings him to a crime scene, he remembers another girl with long dark hair and eyes that spoke to his soul. On a night filled with wild magic, there will be blood and some of it might just be given willingly.

*Includes Bonus: Map Of Bones, a prequel short story to Malediction.
Available for #FREE on KU!
99 cents for a limited time!
Tags: shifters, fae, vampires, ghosts, party, Salem

Buy link:
Curse Worker Series:
1. Sanguine Shadows
2. Map of Bones
3. Malediction (pre-order now!) http://rxe.me/7FPHRI

4. Arcane (coming soon)

Excerpt from Sanguine Shadows by Erzabet Bishop

Her eyes widened and her lips parted and he caught a glimpse of fang. “I…didn’t know you cared.”
“If I didn’t, why would I have convinced Roark to turn you?” He tugged her closer, the push of her breasts against his chest making it hard to concentrate on mere words. He’d known she was meant for him from the first second he’d seen her but he had to let Roark take her or risk her dying.
“You don’t know me. I was just a girl on the street. A human not worth your consideration.”
Fenris didn’t miss the hurt in her eyes. Perhaps he had been wrong leaving her alone. He’d been convinced he was right letting her assimilate unhindered into her new life. He also couldn’t fault her reasoning. She was right. They had no claim on one another, only an attraction that blazed to life in the most untenable of situations.
But she was wrong on one account. He had noticed her before-just not in a way he might have acted upon. Human and supernatural interaction was forbidden but he was unable to let her die. Not like that.
 He wasn’t able to stop thinking about her and hadn’t since that night.
“I did notice you, witchling. How could I not?” He lifted a finger and traced the side of her face, his cock hardening at the moan that slipped unbidden from her lips. “You burn inside of me. Only I couldn’t act. Not until then. But I had to save you. To do anything else…” He let his voice trail off and watched her reaction.
Mari blinked and reached forward, pressing her lips to his. “It’s like a fire, isn’t it? A fire in the blood.”
“Oh Gods, yes.”

About the author:
Erzabet Bishop is an award-winning and international bestselling author who loves to write naughty stories. She is the author of Lipstick, Crave, Snow (Three Times More Lucky Box Set), Malediction, Map of Bones, Sanguine Shadows, Arcane (coming soon in the Prowlers and Growlers box set) The Science of Lust, Wicked for You, Heart’s Protector, Burning for You, Taming the Beast, Mistletoe Kisses, Surrender, Torment (upcoming), Hedging Her Bets, Cat’s Got Her Tongue (Alpha Heat Box Set), Arcane Imaginarium: Spirit Board, Holidays in Hell, Mallory’s Mark (upcoming),The Devil’s Due (upcoming), Charity Benshaw’s Enchanted Paddle Emporium (upcoming), Club Beam, Pomegranate, A Red Dress for Christmas, The Black Magic Café, Sweet Seductions, The Erotic Pagans Series: Beltane Fires, Samhain Shadows and Yuletide Temptation along with being a contributor to many anthologies. She lives in Texas with her husband, furry children and can often be found lurking in local bookstores. She loves to bake, make naughty crochet projects and watch monster movies.
Follow her on Twitter @erzabetbishop.


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Nuts About You - A Testicular Cancer Anthology

Nuts About You - A Testicular Cancer Anthology
Release date - 1st April 2017
Cover design by Book Covers by Bink (https://www.facebook.com/BinksBookCovers)

This anthology will be on sale for 60 days only at a special #sale price 99p

All the profit from this anthology will be split between two charities -
Worldwide Cancer Research (https://www.facebook.com/worldwidecancerresearch)
Male Cancer Awareness Campaign (https://www.facebook.com/MaleCancerAwareness).

For more info, exclusive news and teasers join the Nuts About You - Release Party & Charity Auction​ - https://www.facebook.com/groups/1152384841515495/

Nuts About You has stories from 20 different authors and it's filled with over 15 BRAND NEW and exclusive romance stories written from a male POV all wrapped up in one amazing anthology!

There is something for everyone in this romance anthology, including comedy, contemporary, MC, M/M, erotic, BDSM and more. It's not for the faint hearted.

All the profit from this anthology will be split between two charities - 
Worldwide Cancer Research
The Male Cancer Awareness Campaign

If anyone would like to donate to auction, here's the form -  https://goo.gl/forms/7nE6PsD7VtczXa0J3
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Cover Reveal - Eternal Ecstasy by Setta Jay #pnr #erotic

Eternal Ecstasy by Setta Jay

Coming January 30, 2017 

*Blurb subject to change*

*This is book ten in the Guardians and the Realms series and not meant to be a standalone title*

As the ruling God of Thule, Hroarrs priority is the survival of his world. Gifted with the ancient ability of sjá, he has seen the birth and destruction of hundreds of worlds. This incredible power comes at an enormous cost, however its toll seems to ease in the presence of a hauntingly seductive healer from Earth.

Sirena’s life is comprised of duty. Duty to her Guardian family, to healing those of her world and, most of all, the overwhelming duty to right the wrongs of her secret and vile bloodline. With everything on her plate a ruthless warlord God of another world is the last thing she wants, no matter what fate and her heated body demands. 

Will a dark destroyer of worlds bring two strong willed beings together in Eternal Ecstasy or will both Earth and Thule fall around them?

Follow Setta on Facebook - click her to go to Setta's facebook page.

If you haven't started this series yet, why not start with the FREE prequel <3

New Release - A Sinister Bouquet: Awakening by A. Nicky Hjort


★* 。 • ˚ ˚•。★A Sinister Bouquet: awakening
          ★ 。* 。by  A. Nicky Hjort

Genre: Paranormal Romantic Thriller: Adult
The page count: 371 as per Amazon Kindle
Devyn Mitchell has a choice… listen to the voice of her unborn baby – or die- again.
After a near death experience, Doctor Devyn Mitchell finds herself not only mysteriously pregnant but able to communicate with her fetus.
She has two choices: give in to total madness or surrender to her new reality, which just may be the only way she and her family will survive the obsessions of the Homeless Hunter’s mind.
A true paranormal romantic thriller, A Sinister Bouquet: Awakening, the first of the Sinister Series, will take you right to the edge of what you know to be possible and then drop you in a place so dark, so terrifying, that the only passageway out is through the blinding light of awakening.
Wake up. Open your eyes. Finally.
We’ve missed you so.
(MA18+ for graphic sexual and violent content)


wtmo buy links.jpg

WTMO author bio.jpg

A. Nicky Hjort is originally from Arlington, Texas- the second of five siblings, all of whom have strong creative talents. She currently lives in coastal central California where she practices medicine as an Ob/GYN. In between being a lovingly devoted mother and delivering babies, she writes stories that cross multiple genre lines- from Sci Fi to high fantasy, but all of her stories have thriller and strong romantic components. And for her clever reader, all of her manuscripts are subtly connected to each other, with their purpose to explore all facets of Love and Light. She likes to say that her stories write themselves, and in the process, often write her, or at least the next version of her hoping to emerge. A lover of all the arts, A. Nicky Hjort hopes her stories might inspire you to find your inner creative genius.
As for her heroes- they are as varied and eclectic as her choice of narrative genres, but when pushed to list her favorite influences, she would say James Patterson, Barbara Kingsolver, Patricia Cornwell, Dean Koontz, Gene Roddenberry, Shel Silverstein, Suzanne Collins, and Walt Disney.
Connect with her on FB at https://m.facebook.com/Author.A.N.Hjort,
Twitter at @A_NickyHjort,
Her website is www.ANickyHjortBooks.com
She thanks you for your attention to her work.


wTMO hostedby.jpg

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Risking It All Series: Risk Series #3 Caroline Easton Release Blitz

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Book: Risking It All
Series: Risk Series #3
Author: Caroline Easton
Genre: Contemporary Rock Star romance


 photo Ebook_zpscvwsddmz.jpg

Being at the top of the music charts is an incredible success, but it can also take its toll, as Jake Williams knows all too well. In the years following his success, he's become the classic example of a wasted rock star. When one of his shows turns into a drunken disaster, Jake finally lands himself in a place he never thought he'd see: rehab.

Olivia Holmes is a PA who is just trying to make a living. When the management team of notorious rock star Jake Williams hires her to keep him on track with his sobriety, she jumps at the chance. The job was too good to be true, but there was one minor catch that Olivia didn't anticipate: falling in love with her boss.

Will Olivia be the key to Jake's salvation? Or will he just become another demon of her past?

Risking It All is the exciting new installment in the Risk series.

Purchase Links

 photo Teaser 2_zps3ewpchds.jpeg

About The Author

 photo Author_zpskrwwawsj.jpg

Caroline Easton lives in Leeds, West Yorkshire, with her husband and two of her three children. The eldest having flown the nest. She first began writing in 2012, and her first novel, Dancing in the Rain, was published in 2013. Other novels include Taking a Risk and Worth the Risk, both of which are rock star romances.

Facts about Caroline

• I am a huge super hero fan, Thor is my favourite!
• I count in two’s in my head when I’m stressed.
• I order diet drinks when I eat junk food, to make myself feel less guilty.
• It took me 3 attempts to pass my driving test.
• I hate driving.
• I have no sense of direction, I get lost at the end of my street.
• My favourite film is Cool Runnings.

You can Stalk Caroline at the following places:

 photo Teaser 11_zpshsaivt3r.jpg

Other books in the series

Taking A Risk 

Worth The Risk

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The Kale Alpha by Jessa Ely #Review #Teasers #PNR

The Kale Alpha
by Jessa Ely 


The Marked is coming.

Levi has heard this a million times, but as Alpha, chooses to ignore it. Yet when he finds a Fae near death, she draws out his protective instincts.

Shayla hopes the wolf pack will find her, as she wishes for a swift death. She aches to escape her marching orders...to kill the Kale Alpha.

Evil casts a dark shadow over the magical world, and no one is safe. Only the Kale Alpha holds the key to reversing the past against a new dictatorship, but will he discover the power to do so in time? Shayla and Levi must fight demonic forces or lose everything…


I know Jessa Ely better as Beth Mikell, as I read and loved her Nysein series.

If you've read the blurb you'll know this is about shifters and fae, that's enough to grab my attention.

Levi is the alpha of his pack, he took over from his dad.  Levi comes across as a firm leader.  

Shayla is fae, she has quite a back story and is on a mission she does not want, she wants death - swift as possible.

When Levi finds a near death fae in the woods he feels an instant connection and no advice from his pack to leave her to die is getting through - he takes her to his compound for his resident fae to heal.

This story has instant attraction/connection/love which is expected with fated mates. 

Levi is a passionate man and Shayla finds this out when she is healed, she tries her best to say no but the pull to mate is hard to resist.  Some sexy times are shared.

I enjoyed Levi and Shayla's story, it has a great mix of paranormal entities, a nasty baddie and a new loved up couple getting to know each other.  It's fair to say I loved the ending of this story.

4 stars